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* Smart Vision is a shareholding company working in the field of training and skills development in Egypt and the Arab world over the 6 years of continuous work and more than 11 years experience in the field of training for the company's board .. and Smart Vision of the leading companies in the field of training in the Middle East and classified in the first three positions in the field of training in the Arab world in the financial sector and capital markets .. The number of graduates Smart Vision over the fiscal years more than 3,200 client attended the annual conference of the company, which is held in March each year more than 15 000 people .. and we want more and more introduction and advancement in the field of training in the Arab world. Smart Vision is a leading company in the field of management and training in the financial sector in Egypt, where the company is looking for solutions ideal standard for all investment avenues, training and management in the area of ​​finance and information technology at all levels, such as financial markets, banks, and the banks and the information technology sector in general. The company is taking steps forward in order to raise the efficiency and the development of financial management systems and the level of the professional training in Egypt and the Arab world. Smart Vision is a joint stock company under the Egyptian law for companies to contribute to company operates in the field of training in the field of financial and technological and organizing exhibitions, conferences and various services to major companies in the financial field and organizing major events, festivals and concerts. The company is seeking now to obtain the many agencies of the education centers of global and multinational companies through a short period of time. Characterized by Smart Vision Academy in it is the first company engaged in the financial field by experts and lecturers dependent and international and scientific materials to a high degree of quality and all semesters get certificates from the company.

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